Goal of triplivin

This website is geared to the “Trip Planner.” While I might talk about an adventure here or there, the primary objective is helping people plan a trip.

There is an art to planning a trip. While some may want to sit on a beach for a week at a resort, I am often trying to see and do as much as possible in my limited vacation time.

With so much of the world to see, I don’t know when I will be back, and I want to see it ALL!

I know there are other individuals out there with the same goals. This is a website where users can share their knowledge with each other to ensure that we do see it ALL.

Background on Myself (“Extreme Traveler”)

My name is Brian, and I currently live in New York City. Previously, I have lived in Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Melbourne, Australia!

I am 30 years old and have traveled to 30 parts of the world and am well on my way to 100 countries.

When I lived in Australia, my roommates labeled me an “Extreme American Tourist.” Every other weekend, I was going on some adventure in Australia. For those trip planners out there, there is nothing like seeing your master plan come together whether it is a weekend trip or month long adventure. When all of the pieces come together, there is definitely a sense of accomplishment; granted – there is always a hiccup or two

Some are avid trip planners because they want to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. While that is part of my objective, my primary objective is to ensure that I see it ALL! Why waste a day on a bus or plane getting from A to B when I could be experiencing the country! I am willing to take a night bus/train or spend a couple of 100 dollars to fly to location to make it all happen!

With us all working together, we can guarantee that we ALL see it ALL!

Happy Traveling!